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Brooklyn Light: Williamsburg Bridge - July 2011Brooklyn Light:  Aerial view of Turkey’s Nest - April 2007Brooklyn Light: A brick building and a motorcycle   Kent Avenue and North 10th, March 2008Brooklyn Light:  sky that no longer exists - Corner of Berry & North 12th, August 2008‘second to the right and straight on til morning’ A stalled construction site, Bedford & N. 12th, March 2009.My neighbor Francesco (Frank) LaCioppa  - April 2008Lilli checking her messages on Kent  - Kent Avenue and North 9th, July 2011Stations of the Cross (Roman Soldier eye contact)  Ainslie Street, April 2009McCarren Pool: Publicity shot for Straight on til Morning (a play by Trish Harnetiaux)Three Kings and Two Camels under the BQE (Camel Eye Contact) - Graham Avenue, January 2011Raising of the Giglio - Giglio Festival on Havemeyer Street, during the day, July 2011The Pizza-Eater and the Evil Taunting Clown   The Giglio Festival on Havemeyer Street, at night, July 2011.The Taco-Seller in winter with view of the BQE - backyard of Union Pool, January 2011This Little Light of Mine - Reverend Vince Anderson on the bar at Union Pool, June 2011A woman takes a break from hanging laundry - Williamsburg backyard, July 2006Onward - Pigeons taking flight from a rooftop coop. Backyard of Iona, Grand Avenue - January 2009The Stages of Life  - As viewed in a Greenpoint backyard, March 2010not currently on exhibit